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Biasino Jichai 127 Series Gas Genset

127 NATURAL GAS GENERATOR Production code: 127/408 mixer WOODWARD controller Magneto ignition system with high durability spark plug and high pressure coil Diaphragm air-gas valve carburetor/mixer Inlet-gas pressure: 0.8-1.4 bar Mainly used in natur

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Genset model
Alternator model 1FC series, Siemens technology, brushless excitation, automatic voltage control
Control panel GPL400 GPL500 GPL600
Rated power(kW) 400 500 600
Rated voltage (V) 400V/6300V/10500V/480V/13800V (optional)
Rated frequency(Hz) 50/60 (optional)
Rated power factor 0.8
Wiring method Three-phase four-wire, star connection
Protection class IP23
Insulation class H
Stabilized voltage adjusting rate ≤±2.5%
Instantaneous voltage adjusting rate ≤+20%(-15)
Voltage recovery time ≤1.5 s
Fluctuation of voltage ≤1.0%
Stabilized frequency adjusting rate 0~5%
Instantaneous frequency adjusting rate ≤±10%
Frequency recovery time ≤7 s
Fluctuation of frequency ≤0.5%
Overall dimension (mm) 4566×2040×2195 4566×2040×2780 4733×2040×2778
Weight (kg) 11300 11800 12000
Engine model 12V190DT-2 12V190ZDT-2 12V190ZDT1-1
Type Four-stroke, V-shaped, water cooling, external-mixing electronic control Four-stroke, V-shaped, turbocharged, inlet air cooling, spark ignition,external-mixing electronic control
Number of cylinder 12
Bore 190mm
Stroke 210mm
Total displacement 71.5L
Rated speed 1000r/min 1200r/min
Rated power 450KW 552KW 660kW
Idle speed 700r/min
Gas pressure 200-400 KPa
Gas consumption ≤11386kJ/kW·h
Oil consumption ≤0.8g/kW·h
Exhaust temperature (before turbine) ≤680℃
Warm water temperature < 90℃
Intercooler water temperature < 45℃
Oil temperature < 90℃
Speed regulation rate 0~5 %
Type of cooling Open type with cooling tower, close type with vertical radiator or horizontal radiator
Lubrication method Press and spray lubrication
Starting method Electric starting
Direction of rotation Anticlockwise (facing the power output end)

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