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Biasino Deutz Series Diesel Genset

Biasino Deutz series diesel generartor sets are powered by the Deutz Series diesel engine,It is equipped with an auto-starting device generally,and an ATS switch cabinet optionally,which can form auto-starting and auto-switchover generator sets. The sets

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Genset Model No. Prime Power (kw/kVA) Engine Model Alternator Brand
BS-35DF 28/35 D226B-3D STAMFORD
BS-50DF 40/50 TD226B-3D STAMFORD
BS-68DF 54.4/68 TD226B-4D STAMFORD
BS-100DF 80/100 TD226B-6D STAMFORD
BS-135DF 108/135 TBD226B-6D STAMFORD
BS-150DF 120/150 TBD226B-6D5 STAMFORD
BS-250DF 200/250 TBD234V6A STAMFORD
BS-275DF 220/275 TBD234V6B STAMFORD
BS-350DF 280/350 TBD234V8A STAMFORD
BS-375DF 300/375 TBD234V8B STAMFORD
BS-438DF 350/438 TBD236V8 STAMFORD
BS-550DF 440/550 TBD234V12 STAMFORD
BS-625DF 500/625 TBD604BL6A STAMFORD
BS-688DF 550/688 TBD604BL6B STAMFORD
BS-800DF 640/800 TBD620L6 STAMFORD
BS-1000DF 800/1000 TBD620V8 STAMFORD
BS-1100DF 880/1100 TBD620V8 STAMFORD
BS-1350DF 1080/1350 TBD620V12 STAMFORD
BS-1640DF 1312/1640 TBD620V12 STAMFORD
BS-2000DF 1600/2000 TBD620V16 STAMFORD

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