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How to disassemble the piston rod group?

Click:404     Author:admin     Publish Time: 2019-02-18 14:52

1, under the cylinder head of natural gas generating units, scrape clear the top of the cylinder liner of coal ash and oil.
2, remove the body under the window cover, turn the crankshaft, will be removed from the natural gas generator piston to the top dead center position.
3, remove the connecting rod screw, pay attention to supporting the connecting rod cover, to prevent falling into the oil pan, and to prevent bumps bearing.
4. Push the piston rod upwards from the lower end of the connecting rod and take out the piston rod along the center line of the cylinder from the mouth of the natural gas generator cylinder liner to prevent the connecting rod from injuring the inner wall of the cylinder liner.
Finally, the piston on the oil heated to 100 ~ 120C, remove the piston pin. After the piston is removed, the gas generator connecting rod bearing bush, connecting rod cover and connecting rod screw are still attached to the corresponding connecting rod body, and the wear of the mating surface and the wear of the mating surface or the replacement of damaged parts are performed. Hope that the above introduction can give users help.

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